What word would you use to describe the following:
small, collectible, decorative objects that are usually inexpensive?
Would you use any of the following words? bric-a-brac, trinkets, sundries, bits and bobs, whatnots,
tchotchkes, thingamabobs, souvenirs, mementoes, trinkets, gewgaws, or shelf sitters?
Me personally, I call them knick-knacks and I love to collect a variety of knick-knacks. There are
hundreds of words that people use to describe decorative objects, but some people flat out call these
collectibles “clutter!” Each decade seems to bring new collectible items such as tiki totems, fiberoptic
lamps, americana, owls, or assorted figurines. The stores today, have shelves full of the latest “must-
have” items to decorate our homes and the items change with each season. Most recently, I have seen
lemons, buffalo check, gnomes, farmhouse and more lining the seasonal shelves in every store! The
stores may try to sell the latest and greatest collectible items, but a collector of trinkets has very specific
items that they collect. Working at an antique store has shown me that collectors walk into antique
stores searching for specific items to add to their collection (or collections). Walking up and down the
aisles and searching in each booth is a treasure hunt that hopefully reveals a long sought after piece.
Someone may see a Coca-Cola item that they have never seen before but will fit perfectly with their
other 100+ Coca-Cola items. Maybe it is a glass shoe in the prettiest shade of violet that matches their
bedroom and will look great on the nightstand. Or perchance they are on the hunt for a salt and pepper
set unlike any they have seen before to add to their display cabinet that is overflowing with unusual Salt
and Pepper shakers. My Grandmother can be credited with my desire to collect, as she gave me a blue
mason jar that belonged to my Great-Grandmother! I thought it was the most beautiful shade of blue,
and I began collecting more. I now have dozens of them and I store my dry goods in them and display
them in my country kitchen.
Sometimes these vintage mementoes hold more sentimental value than monetary value. That magnet
hanging on the refrigerator from Houghton Lake reminds one of a camping trip with their grandparents
who passed away years ago. The vintage postcard in an old box in the closet of Cedar Point reminds one
of their first ride on the Gemini, blue train of course! I have an old ornament that I made when I was 5
or 6 years old, and I can still remember making it, and it goes on my Christmas tree every year! People
hold onto items because they were acquired on a special day or time in their life. That same feeling
arises when one walks into an antique store, and they see an item that sparks a fantastic memory.
Maybe it is a perfume bottle just like the one that sat on Grandma’s dresser when you were little. Or
perhaps it is a book that Mama read to you, and you now want to read to your grandchildren. For me, I
have been collecting Christmas records lately. There is something about hearing old Christmas songs
with all the crackles that can be heard as the record spins, that takes me back to my youth.
I collect items because seeing them displayed in my home makes me happy. I love to go antiquing
because I love finding an item that has special meaning to me, even if it is another Fenton glass shoe!
Whether you collect vintage automotive, records, figurines, pottery, dishware, button, pins, jewelry,
books, art, pigs or chickens, our antique store has it, and so much more!

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